Springfield Ohio History

Altschul Distilling Co. listed from 1862-1918


Offices were in Dayton but the Distillery was in Springfield.

The company used the brand names:
"Altschul's Bouquet Old Rye", "Altschul's Private Brand", "Harvest Home Rye", "Jolly Tar Rye", "Lagonda Club", "National Club Bourbon", "Old Anchor Gin", "Old Judge White Wheat", "Old Private Stock Blue Ribbon X X X X", "Old School Rye", "Silver Edge Rye", "Springfield White Wheat", "Staghead Rye", "Sweet Clover Bourbon", and "Sweet Home Rye."



 An order form from the Altschul Distilling Co. of Springfield and Dayton, OH. The precise date is unknown, c. 1890's. It measures 6" x 9-1/2". 



The Hayner Distilling Company





The Hayner Distilling Co. was founded in 1866 by Lewis Hayner as “Lewis Hayner, Distiller, Pure Copper Distilled Rye and Bourbon Whiskies.” The distillery went through various name changes during the years of its productivity. In 1885, Lewis Hayner’s nephew, William M. Hayner, opened the Hayner Distilling Company in Springfield, Ohio, as importers, selling the products by express with charges pre-paid, and also at retail at 42 East Main Street in Springfield.

Upon the death of Lewis Hayner in 1892, the distillery was taken over by William Hayner’s half-brother Charles C. Hayner, and the company became knows as “C.C. Hayner Distiller, Pure Copper Distilled Rye and Bourbon Whiskies.” By the mid-1890s, William Hayner had controlling interest in the distillery and appointed his brother-in-law, Walter S. Kidder, who was already treasurer of the Hayner Distilling Company in Springfield, Ohio, as the manager of the Dayton operation. These four men were the remarkable entrepreneurs who built the Hayner Distillery into a nationally recognized and enormously profitable mail order whiskey business.

The passage of the Webb-Kenyon Act in 1913 and the Volstead Act in 1919, resulting in Prohibition in 1920, effectively stopped production of Hayner liquors, although its corporate existence continued for many years after.



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