Springfield Ohio History

Springfield had several dairies. The following is a listing of what i have. If you know of any not listed or have photos of bottles please contact me at kkitchen@springfieldohiohistory.net Thanks!


Alberfelda Dairy
Aleshire, Harry T.
Alta Jersey Farm ( Dwight H. Olds)
Arborgast & Diemer
Bayliss, Willard A.
Beecher Black Dairy
Bevan, A.W. Dairy ( this became Bevan Brothers Dairy)
Bevan, H.H, Dairy
Bevan Brothers Dairy (became Bevan's Dairy)
Bevan's Dairy
Bitner, William N. Dairy
Bowlus, Albert S.Dairy ( this became Waldo McClure Dairy)
Brittin, Andrew P.
Brothers, Robert Dairy
Bruck's Ice Cream Co.
Burke & Burke Ice Cream Co.
Burnett Rd. Dairy ( John R. Kohl)
Bymaster, G.W. & Sons
Calhoun, Seymore E.
Carter, Floyd Dairy ( Photo below) This was located on the top of Shrine Hill Road.
Chaney Creamery
Citizen's Dairy Co. ( Perry Grube) ( This became Meadow Gold) ( Photos below)
Clemens, Albert J.
Click's Jersey Dairy ( William Click)
Clifton Avenue Dairy ( George A. Pratt)
Cloverleaf Farm Dairy ( Collier Brothers) ( this became Collier Brothers Dairy)
Collier Brothers Dairy
Cosmos, Pete D. Dairy ( see photo below) ( This became Lawson Milk Co)

Cosmos, Pete D., Dairy ( Ice Cream)

Cox Dairy- Albert Cox

Crabill, T.H. Jersey Milk
Crabill, William, Dairy
Danford Dairy
Derr, Arthur H. Dairy
Detrick, John H. ( this became Alva C. Lyons)
Detrick, Lulu S.
Dickey Dairy
Dickey, Helen G. ( this became A.W. Bevans Dairy)
Dillion, H.G.
Driscol, Harry
East End Dairy ( William H. Cleelan)
Elwell, Frank M. Dairy ( Pure Jersey Milk) (this became Woodmere Jersey Farm
Estep, Dale W. (Cream Station)
Eutsler Dairy
Excel Dairy ( Orion S. Kell & Ray Cox) ( This became Allensworth Dairy) ( See Photo below) -This was located on Maiden Lane
Fairmont Creamery Co.
Foreman, Robert
Glen Echo Dairy
Gochenour, Jacob M.
Goebel, Albert W.
Gram, George
Gram, Louis J. Dairy ( this became River Dale Dairy) ( See Photo below)
Groeber & Zimmerman
Grossnickle, Norman M.
Grube, Ed. J.
Grube, Perry, Dairy
Hicks, William J.
Hilkers Farm Dairy ( Frank Hilker & Son)
Hilldale Dairy
Hilltop Dairy Co.
Holsum Dairy Co.
Home City Dairy
Home Dairy Co. ( This became Home Dairy & Ice Cream Co)
Home Dairy and Ice Cream Co. ( This became Springfield Purity Dairy Co.)
Home Dairy and Standard Ice Cream Co. ( This became Springfield Purity Ice Cream & Dairy Co. ( See photo below)
Hook, Robert E., Dairy Crest
Howell, Folger, Dairy
Hunt Creamery ( Butter Mfr)
Hyer, Samuel Dairy
Hyer, Worht, Dairy
Independent Dairy Co.
Johnson's Box Lunch
Kell Dairy
Keller, Joseph H.
Kieffer Dairy
Kohls, Harry F. Dairy ( see photo below) This was located at 430 N. Clairmont
Kunkles Jersey Dairy ( Abbie Kunkles)
Lawson Milk Co. ( Built in 1970) ( This became Reiter Dairy-Bought in 1982)
Locust Grove Dairy ( Eldon Crabill)
London Creamery Co. (Cream Station)
Lorton, George F.
Lorton, John W.
Lyons, Ava C.
Maple Drive Dairy ( Yoder Brothers)
Marston, Calvin G.
Marstons, George C. Dairy
McClure, Samuel J.
McClure, Waldo, Dairy
McConkey, O.Y. Dairy
McGregor, Olds ( Dwight) & McGregor ( this became Dwight H.Olds)
Meadow Gold
Melwell, Frank Jersey Dairy
Merritt, Edward T.
Metz, Andy, Dairy
Miami Valley Milk Producers Assn.
Michael, John O.
Michaels O.E.
Mill Creek Dairy
Mill Run Dairy
Miller, Gideon A. Dairy ( This became Miller's Jersey Dairy)
Miller, Milton J.
Miller, Orion P.
Miller, Samuel S.
Miller's Jersey Dairy
Minear, Nathan O.
Minnick, Wesley P.
Mitchell, Walter R.
Modern Dairy  
Morning Sun Dairy ( William T. Dugan)
Mose Dairy
Muirland Dairy
Mumper, William A.
Nissley, James
Oak Dale Farm ( Joe & Wilbur Kieffer)
Oak Grove Dairy
Olds, Dwight H. Dairy ( Alta Jersey Dairy)
Our Farm Dairy
Pence Dairy
Phares Guernsey Dairy
Pieffer, John H.
Pike, Robert, Jersey Farm
Plain View Dairy ( see photo below)
Pratt, George A. Dairy
Prosser, John S Dairy
Purity Ice Cream & Dairy Co. ( see photo below)
Rader's Henry N. Dairy ( this became Snow Hill Dairy)
Raup Farms
Rebert, Albert S. Dairy
Reiter Dairy (Rollin Reiter)
Resler, Clarence P.
River Dale Dairy
River Dale Farm Dairy ( Gram Brothers) ( this became River Dale Dairy)
Robert, A.J. Dairy
Roberts Brothers Dairy
Rockaway Dairy
Rockland Dairy
Schaffer Dairy
Schmidt, Clarence, and Raymond Groves Dairy
Scioto Valley Dairy
Scott, Jacob H. Dairy
Seabrook, Robert N.
Sell, Charles G. 
Shafer, Clarence Dairy ( This Became Borden's)
Shaffers, Fred Dairy
Shaw, Jason
Shorts. L, Dairy
Shuirr Dairy or Shuirr Beavercreek Dairy
Silver Springs Creamery ( Butter Mfr.)
Smith, Luther C. Dairy ( this became Bevan's Dairy)
Snow Hill Dairy (Walter Shrieve)
Snyder Bros Dairy
Sondergold, Cornelius
South Limestone Dairy ( George W. Gram)
South Side Dairy ( Elmer A. Roberts)
Spencer Dairy
Spinning Dairy ( Dr. P.J. Spinning)
Spring Day Farms ( Ayrshire Milk) ( this became Bordens)
Spring Grove Dairy
Springfield Dairy
Springfield Dairy Products Co. ( this became Bordens)
Springfield Pure Milk & Butter Co. ( This also became Bordens)
Springfield Pure Milk Co.
Springfield Purity Dairy Co.( This became Bordens)
Standard Ice Cream Co. ( became Bordens)
Stinz Rock Run Dairy
Storts, L.C. Dairy
Sultsbaugh, Joe, Dairy
Summers, Ed. M.
Sunray Dairy
Swartzbaugh, Albert J.
Thomas, Peter G.
Thomas Cheese Co ( this became Citizen's Dairy Co)
Thompson, E.W. Dairy
Titus, Pearl H. Dairy
Todd, William, Dairy
Townsley, E.H.
Towsley, F. Wilbur
Towsley, O.M.
Tracey's Cream Station ( Tracey G. Current) ( became Dale W. Estep Cream Station)
Trout Brothers Ice Cream Co. ( William & Volney)
Twin Oaks Dairy
Valley, Alfred G.
Valley, Levi E. Farms
Wagner Dairy
Weathershire, Samuel T.
Wedding, H.M. Dairy
Wendel, George Dairy
White, Sherman, & Co ( Plant)
Woodmere Jersey Farm ( Frank M. Elwell)
Yoder Creamery ( Butter Mfr.)
Yore Dairy
Young, Harry, Dairy ( this became Bevan's Dairy)
Young, Norman L.
Young, Saum Dairy
Zutabern, William


Bevan's Dairy

Bevan's Dairy Bottles are Rare and very hard to find.Photos Courtesy of Shelley Ford-Miggo.





Bevan's Dairy Truck-Photo Courtesy of Shelley Ford-Miggo





Citizens Dairy (Tray Courtesy of Marc Tritle)




Citizen's -Penn and Section Street

Excel Dairy

 This was located on Maiden Lane.

Floyd Carter Dairy Bottle



The Floyd Carter Dairy was located at the top of Shrine Road hill in Springfield Township, Springfield, Ohio in the early 1900’s

HF Kohl



This was located at 430 N Clarimont Ave.

Home Dairy

P.D. Cosmos ( Red Lettered Bottle Courtesy of Marc Tritle)

Was located on the Southwest Corner of West Main and Plum Street in the 1930's till it was taken over by Lawson's Milk Company.


Purity Dairy



Riverdale Dairy

The Gram family ran River Dale Dairy for three generations, but closed in the early 1980's






S.D. P. Co (Springfield Dairy Products Co)

Shuirr Dairy




The Shuirr Dairy was located at 226 West Second Street, owned by Walter Andrew Shuirr. I believe the age of this bottle dates to about the 1920's

S.P.M. (Springfield Pure Milk Co.)


Plain view Dairy

Burnett Rd Dairy

Snow Hill Dairy Patch Courtesy of Marc Tritle

Dairy Caps Courtesy of Charlie Gooden