Springfield Ohio History

Springfield Dairy Products & Standard Ice Cream

William W. Trout was a life long resident of Springfield. He started the Standard Ice Cream co. which later was bought by Borden's. He had a farm called Jersey Manor and sold the milk to Borden's. He imported a Jersey cow during WW II from the Isle of Jersey and got 3 cows out of the country right before the Germans arrived. One of the cows (Royal Fern Betty) became one of the "Elsie" cows that toured hospitals, World's Fairs etc. The following photographs and articles are supplied by his granddaughter Sally Donald.

Taken from The American Cattle Club Excerpt

Ohio and Clark County in Ohio have been forging to the front in Jersey affairs these many years. Cows like Royal Fern Betty have helped establish this reputation. If cows were recommended for awards, she would be America's No. 1 bovine applicant. This great little cow, 1000 ilbs of bovine beauty is owned by W. Trout, Springfield, Ohio, first came into national prominence when she was selected to represent her Breed at the World's Fair in New York. Officially she had been given a beauty rating of Very Good. No Broadway star ever put more into her act than did Royal Fern Betty as she stepped on the great Borden Rotolactor  three times daily to her "stuff"

Photo from the Sun, Springfield

Royal Fern Betty -Isnt she a Beauty?